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The Tocsin 2/28

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Afrin's New Assailants: Inside the Grey Wolves, The Anti-Kurdish, NATO-Aligned Group Tied to German Arms Exports

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As citizens across Europe protest daily against Erdogan's invasion of Afrin, a shadowy far-right armed group aligned with the Turkish ultra-right and NATO has become intimately involved in the war in northern Syria. The organisation, known as the "Grey Wolves," has also been involved in the harassment of pro-Kurdish protestors in Germany, according to news sources.

The Grey Wolves were founded exactly 50 years ago in 1968, at the apex of a period of social revolution in Europe and the world. Turkey was no exception to this trend, and nationalist leaders in the country were deeply concerned with the potential popularity of communist and left-wing ideas in Turkey.

Set up by Alparslan Türkeş, the group was to function as the paramilitary group of the ultra-right MHP party, and began its life targeting student activists and left-wing people. However, it soon acquired the character of a death squad, similar to those backed by the US and NATO i…

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Civic Critic 2/22

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Figures, Institutions Tracking "Fake News" and Russian Meddling Have Dark Backgrounds in Counter-Terror Industry

As Russia is beginning to overtake Islamic terrorism as the chief enemy of the United States in the eyes of the government and the mainstream media, many of the same figures and organisations that made a name for themselves as "terrorism experts" in previous years are now presenting themselves and each other as the go-to authorities on disinformation and "fake news." Many of these individuals also have a history of repression of anarchist and left-wing forces.

Many have used the term "terrorism gold rush" to describe the cottage industry of think tanks, senior fellows, and private corporations that arose in the United States after the events of September 11, 2001. In fact, the "terrorism industry," to use the title of Edward Herman's 1989 book, goes back much further than that, originating in the late 1970s alongside the think-tank boom itself, with organisations such as AEI, the Heritage Foundation, the Center for Strategic and Internation…