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#Chemnitz: The Media Falls Into The Neo-Nazis' Trap Amid Fascist Riots

The scenes in Chemnitz have rightly horrified not just activists and antifascists in Germany, but people around the world appalled at the appearance of right-wing hooligans flooding the streets of Germany, making the Hitler salute and using the death of an individual to stoke an openly fascist world outlook. However, while few doubt the seriousness of the situation, press coverage has been subpar in Germany and simply abominable in the English-speaking world.

Since the beginning of the "refugee crisis" and Chancellor Angela Merkel's (CDU) decision to adopt a public face (though hardly a policy) of welcoming migrants, the media has promoted the concept that Germans "left behind" by economic and social change or otherwise upset with the move have been on one end of a "sharp divide" and a "backlash."

While it is undeniable that many in Germany have been detrimentally impacted by neoliberal economic policies, the media, especially in the English-s…