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The Tocsin 5/30

What is Subfascism? The Post-Ideological Future of The Military-Corporatist Far-Right

“If you want to see our future, look at Brazil,” noted Dr. Bones, an egoist commentator based in the US, in a recent episode of The Guillotine Podcast. He noted that streets of São Paulo and other cities across Brazil have become ungovernable, allowing for the rise of both criminal gangs and leftist movements. However, they have also been a public theatre for the return of a worrying fascist tendency growing increasingly powerful across the Americas and the world, particularly in the Philippines and the United States. This political tendency, defined by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman as "subfascism" may act as the chief opponent to radical change across the world in the coming decades.
With the mass slaughter of proletarians under Rodrigo Duterte, the horrific concentration camps for refugee children under Trump, and the rise of ultra-rightist and violent militarist and misogynist Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil amid the assassination of left-wing social movement leaders, it's…

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