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The Absurdity of the "Assadists Dictionary" - Or, How Two Socialists With Different Foreign Policy Views Are More Similar To Each Other Than David Icke

Two days ago, a list of individuals who, in many cases have absolutely no other alleged connections to each other, was produced by an activist and student named Kester Ratcliff. The "International Assadists Reference Dictionary," comprised of 151 separate figures, is based on absurd premises and lumps together individuals across the left-wing political spectrum - from social democrats to anarchists to communists to ecologists - with alt-right trolls like Mike Cernovich and UKIP's Paul Joseph Watson.
While it has become increasingly common to identify a small sector of (largely American) leftists such as Caitlyn Johnstone as in cahoots with the far right on some issues, this list goes above and beyond that, identifying nearly all prominent figures who could reasonably be described as "left-wing," including Noam Chomsky, Owen Jones, Slavoj Zizek, Jill Stein, Vijay Prashad, Tariq Ali, Leila Khaled and countless others as Assadists before everything else.
In norma…

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Amid "Benalla Affair," French Police Working With Private Alt-Right Militias Against Refugees

While the “Benalla Affair” has dominated French public discussion since July, the country’s police force’s mingling with private militias has not stopped there, as border police have supported ultra-right gangs in violent actions against refugees, according to information gathered from solidarity networks in the area.
Although Emmanuel Macron was elected primarily due to a desire to defeat Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front, under his rule the police have stepped up cooperation with extra-legal “thugs.” MediaPart, a French socialist website, noted that “because the police are happy to have reinforcement…..they know how to find allies.” These allies can be both ideological or purely practical.
In the case of the Benalla Affair, the official police and private militias effectively merged. In a parliamentary session, the Interior Minister, Gérard Collomb, essentially admitted that there had been cooperation due to the alleged threat posed by the Black Bloc and other demonstrato…

From Salvini To Seehofer To Sajid, Are Interior Ministers Europe's New Bosses?