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Corbyn, Brexit, And "Red-Brown" Confusionism Of EU Opponents

With the second rise of UKIP, the toxic rallies for Tommy Robinson, and the normalisation of genuine fascists like Steve Bannon by British radio shows and Gammon-baiter Piers Morgan, the far-right is seemingly gaining more ground in Britain than ever, and – in a moment of “literal communism” and manifestations against Trump – the tone of the Brexit debate has thus become increasingly – how would I put it? – divisive. The battle flags have been unfurled, and, especially after the release of convincing reports on fraud by Team Leave during the referendum, it is becoming seemingly impossible for a left-winger to approve of Brexit publicly, let alone make a case for it.
Which is why Jeremy Corbyn’s speech last week saw comments across the board that he was echoing the language of UKIP and Trump, and even becoming the “far-right’s new hero.” Combined with the scare over anti-Semitism (a reactionary tradition), one could be forgiven for believing that the leader of the opposition was an “exi…

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