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Civic Critic 3/29

Repression, Refugees, and the Fascist University

Over the past week, students in various European universities and youth groups have faced unprecedented and violent repression by fascist forces in Turkey and France, and a massive smear attack against anti-war, anti-NATO opinions in the UK by forces connected to the state and military arms deals. However, it is not an accident that the university is the latest centre of struggle in the European metropole, but rather, the climax of an ideological counter-revolution unleashed after the revolts of May 68 50 years ago.
In France, it was the faculty themselves that led a baton-and-taser attack against the student occupation in Montpellier University. The students had faced the police of Emmanuel Macron earlier in the day in their protests against the selection law and neoliberal “reforms.”
The faculty of the French university has not been active merely in physical struggles. Professor Alain de Benoist, a known identarian and “New Right” figure, has along with his cohorts Marco Tarchi and Gu…

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