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Chelsea Manning's Senate Opponent Thinks European Socialists and Environmentalists are "Russian Useful Idiots" -EXCLUSIVE

Ben Cardin, the Maryland Senator who Chelsea Manning will be challenging in this spring’s primary, has already received attention - and notoriety – among the left for his alleged authorship of a bill that would make Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) a felony in America. What has gained less attention, but is arguably more disturbing, are Cardin’s attacks on European socialists, ecologists, and internet freedom and his attempt to tie support for leftist leaders such as Corbyn to a supposed Russian plot to interfere in Western democracies.
On January 10, a 200-page minority report titled “Putin’s Asymmetric Assault on Democracy in Russia and Europe: Implications for U.S. National Security,” purportedly authored by Cardin and Democrats on the Committee on Foreign Relations, was introduced at an event held by the German Marshall Fund (GMFUS) in Washington, DC. The talk by Cardin is part of a broader project by the GMFUS’s Alliance for Securing Democracy, a group fronted by neoconser…

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Did Corporate Spies Surveil #NoG20 Protests? (EXCLUSIVE)

(Nach unten scrollen fur Deutsch)

The ultra-secretive Inkerman Group, recently in the hot seat for placing infiltrators in BDS and ecological groups, was also monitoring last year’s protests against the G20 in Hamburg, according to information compiled from social media. On July 10 of last year, twotweets about the summit protests were posted on Inkerman Insight’s official English-language Twitter page. The tweets include descriptions of direct actions and state responses, as well as links to news articles from state news agencies TASS and Radio Free Europe.
Inkerman’s clients are not disclosed on their website, however they have tweeted about their operations in the past. The group is well-known to infiltrate anarchist and environmentalist groups on behalf of companies including Caterpillar and Scottish Coal, and operates internationally.  The use of private security in tracking the protests against the G20 follow a trend in Germany and around the western world. Before the G20 summit, p…

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