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The Tocsin 6/28

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Against Trump, Against Maxine Waters, Against Liberalism: "Civility" For Who?

Over the past two days, Republican Party operatives, politicians, and spokespeople, alongside conservative media outlets like Fox News, the Daily Wire, Breitbart, and the Daily Caller, have been whipping themselves into hysteria over some comments made by Democratic Party politician and centrist congresswoman Maxine Waters. Her calls for meek, nonviolent protests against Trump appointees wherever they go were taken as "violent," "extreme," "incendiary" and even "terroristic," with over 100 reactionary congressmen calling for her censure in the House of Representatives. Trump, using racist language from the white supremacist "intellectual dark web" and neoreactionary movements, called the African-American Waters "low IQ."
The Democrats, for their part, were terrified by the idea that employees of an administration that has held children in concentration camps, forcibly injected them with drugs to subdue their resistance, sepa…

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